What is RainRadar?

RainRadar is a powerful tool to find a solution for an elusive problem. Although meteorologists can forecast the regions that will have rain, the forecast heavily depends on a mixed variation of certain phenomena. Pressure, wind and sunlight, as well as air pollution are such variables. We are utilizing a source that is available in real world, but rarely used: humans. RainRadar asks Twitter users the rain conditions in their city, and we channel the aggregated information to the project web site after eliminating false positives. The information on the site reflects a time dependent view of rain; the Mother Nature’s gift to the world. Here you can see in which cities it is raining, or rained in the past days. With our project we aim to bridge a long gap between rain forecasts and real time raining.

How to use RainRadar?

You can ask questions about rain condition of you favorite location to RainRadar at Twitter in the following format:

    Question Format: ?Weather Loc:"Your Favorite Location Here"

    Examples: If you want to learn Rain condition for Buffalo,NY. You need to send following Reply to the RainRadar at Twitter:

    @RainRadar ?Weather Loc:Buffalo, NY