A Singlehop Collaborative Feedback Primitive for Wireless Sensor Networks

To achieve scalability, energy-efficiency, and timeliness, wireless sensor network deployments increasingly employ in-network processing. In this paper, we identify singlehop feedback collection as a key building block for in-network processing applications, and introduce a basic singlehop primitive, pollcast. The key idea behind this primitive is to exploit the receiverside collision detection information at the MAC-layer to speed-up collaborative feedback collection. Using pollcast, a node can get an affirmation about the existence of a node-level predicate P in its neighborhood in constant time by asking all nodes where P hold to reply simultaneously. We have implemented pollcast on Tmotes using Chipcon 2420 radio. Our results show that this primitive is indeed lightweight, resilient, and effective. Our paper is also the first time receiver-side collision detection is achieved in a practical manner for Chipcon 2420 radio.

For more details see our technical report.
Mote invent implementation. See included README file for details.


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